Suzanne K. Barwick F.Pl
Senior Financial Planner

Suzanne K. Barwick is the complete financial advisor.
She is independent, unbiased and professional.
She is a goal-based planner.
  Her single purpose is to help you attain your financial objectives. 

Suzanne Barwick brings over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry to her work at SKB Conseil. Her extensive experience in the fixed-income markets in Toronto, New York and Montreal allows to apply time-tested institutional investment principles to her work with individual clients.

Suzanne builds trust by understanding your unique goals and objectives.  She helps you develop a comprehensive inventory and analysis of your total financial abstract, in order to outline and define your Perfect Plan. Through careful planning and regular reviews, Suzanne aims to secure your financial goals and retirement freedom.

Suzanne’s process is completely transparent.  You understand at each step what you are setting out to do.  Excitement develops swiftly, as you begin to see the progress achieved in acquiring wealth to attain your goals. Suzanne’s objective is to help you enjoy the reality of these achievements and delight in the freedom and peace of mind that accrues.

When it comes to providing for your family’s future, nothing can replace the services of a truly autonomous, unbiased fee-based financial planner.  Suzanne is independent from all conflicts of interest, with no intention of selling you financial products. Her single focus is to deliver a realistic and definitive plan and provide wise, insightful advice.

Many finance professionals choose Suzanne as their financial planner, which speaks volumes to her expertise and reputation in the industry.
Suzanne’s clients come from all walks of life:
Active and retired professionals, executives, and members of academia. 

  20 yrs Senior level experience at large
      National and International financial firms

  ~   BA, Management Economics, Univ of Guelph 
  ~   Certified Financial Planning Certificate (IQPF)